Electrofusion Fittings


Our electrofusion fittings are individually inspected with a unique computerised monitoring system that uses advanced barcode technology. Each fitting is automatically checked for coil resistance/continuity and correct fusion time as well as receiving a visual quality check by fully trained inspectors.

This information is then logged on to a database that provides full, permanent traceability of each component from the raw material to despatch and beyond.

Product features include:

  • Fusamatic pin - a Fusion innovation to ensure correct welding parameters
  • Indicator lugs - visual cross-check for a successful joint
  • Moulded-in welding batch numbers, parameters and fitting specifications
  • Barcoding - ensuring full traceability of all production stages to raw material
  • Features work in conjunction with Fusionwelds next generation control boxes to ensure a high degree of automation, full traceability and auditable integrity


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