Our electrofusion fittings are individually inspected with a unique computerised monitoring system that uses advanced barcode technology. Each fitting is automatically checked for coil resistance/continuity and correct fusion time as well as receiving a visual quality check by fully trained inspectors.

This information is then logged on to a database that provides full, permanent traceability of each component from the raw material to despatch and beyond.

Product features include:

  • Fusamatic pin - a Fusion innovation to ensure correct welding parameters
  • Indicator lugs - visual cross-check for a successful joint
  • Moulded-in welding batch numbers, parameters and fitting specifications
  • Barcoding - ensuring full traceability of all production stages to raw material
  • Features work in conjunction with Fusionwelds next generation control boxes to ensure a high degree of automation, full traceability and auditable integrity

Our range of spigot fittings is suitable for butt welding with heating elements or electrofusion. Fittings are fully compatible with Fusionweld automatic and manual jointing equipment.

Spigot fittings are manufactured to the same stringent standards that have made Fusionweld products the market leader. Rigorous testing and a range of unique design and quality features ensure a perfect joint - first time, every time.

If you cannot find the size or configuration of fitting you are looking for, please call us. With access to our unrivalled international network of manufacturers and suppliers, we can normally obtain whatever you need quickly and cost-effectively

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