Butt welding and electrofusion jointing equipment

Fusion’s automatic butt fusion and electrofusion units are designed to cover the full range of applications up to the largest scale installations.

Globally recognised as the market leader in pipe jointing equipment with the most efficient, robust and easy to use machines providing 100% successful joints time after time, Fusion machines have become the first choice of utilities all over the world.

Fusion’s Gator range offers full automation of all functions that contribute to a successful butt fusion joint, while the Welda Mk 2 range offers a manual alternative. Fusion’s industry-leading SBOXMAX similarly offers automation of the electrofusion process with or without full data retrieval capabilities.

A range of software solutions provides fully integrated and auditable management of on-site data, including input from gps, handheld devices and other sources along with joint data from the fusion units themselves. Joint record data can be permanently stored and retrieved as required while enterprise software such as Site Manager permits a high level of remote supervision and support for on-site activities.

Fusionweld carries a full range of ancillary equipment for all aspects of the jointing process.

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